Social Media in Singapore- Have you Joined the Bandwagon-

Social Media in Singapore: Have you Joined the Bandwagon?

There’s no question about Singapore’s reputation as a high opportunity business hub. Being one of the most technologically advanced countries in Asia, it boasts of an internet connectivity rate of 99%, with nearly 74% of the island-nation’s citizens using social media on a regular basis, not excluding the managers of top performing companies.

It is then easy to point out that Singapore provides a highly lucrative avenue to search for B2B leads. With a progressive IT infrastructure, it’s just as easy to find a sales-ready lead just about anywhere in the web.

You can leverage this present situation to enhance your social media marketing efforts to expand your reach and consistently provide your salesforce with qualified prospects.

Here are some things you can do enhance your social media marketing experience and lead generation activities:

Engage through blogging

Inbound strategies are still a thing today, particularly in terms of establishing your brand’s image and voice in the market. In this case, your blog provides a flexible avenue for attracting quality leads. The possibilities are endless: you can post podcasts and visual materials, you can promote your products, and you can contribute industry wisdom for credibility-building.

Furnish your LinkedIn account

Every business owner must have a LinkedIn account like how astronauts need to wear their suits and helmets prior to a spacewalk. Barely can any business survive without a platform that makes it possible to connect with like-minded professionals with sales potential. Hence, maximize your LinkedIn profile by supplying it with complete details about your organization. Also, participate in forum discussions to get a little gander on current industry trends.

Give your Tweets a personality

While mainly a B2C tool, Twitter can also be responsible for providing B2B companies with quality leads. It is just a matter of giving your Twitter persona an attitude. Get it to re-Tweet influencers. You can also have it post original daily Tweets that contain shreds of indispensable business insight.

Never fail with Facebook

We get it, it’s that overrated. But let’s face it: We just couldn’t ignore the immense business advantages that Facebook offers. And we just can’t shrug off the 70% slice of the Singaporean population that uses it for a variety of purposes. Apparently, there are just about thousands of reasons to post a regular stream of status updates and direct links to your main site.

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