Automated Lead Nurturing Emails Examples to Get You More Appointments

Automated Lead Nurturing Emails Examples to Get You More Appointments (Featured Image)

Lead nurturing is absolutely necessary if you want to maintain the quality of the leads that you currently have. However, when it does get taxing, you can always automate the entire process. In this business, having great leads nurtured is tantamount to having potentially great sales and repeat ones.

In this article, we show examples of how you can automate certain emails to make sure that your leads are maintained throughout the course of their lifetime. So grab your notebook, you’re going to love this one.


Taking Advantage of Activity

Sometimes the best way to send an automated email is for you to trace the activity that they have with your web property. The best example of this is the people from Zapier – a popular automation platform. Their system automatically tracks what the user has been doing on their platform and provides automated advice via email on how they can further utilize their services.

The great thing about doing this is that you get to take advantage of personalizing the emails that you send to your leads. Personalization makes the recipient feel as if the company is really in the business of making sure that they get customized and bespoke services.

Personalization is your foundation for great customer experience.


Non-promotional and Informative

Not all emails that you send have to be promotional. Sometimes you can make a bigger difference if the aim of your correspondence is just to give out free information.

A lot of customers will appreciate the fact that you are willing to give them information for free and it doesn’t hurt that the email comes from your company that indirectly promotes the fact that you are just there when they need you.

Examples of non-promotional emails are articles that attempt to solve a problem for your lead, free whitepapers, a free webinar, eBook or even just a simple article on how to help them with common tasks that do not even involve the product or services that you offer.


Checking In

We love the checking in approach because it was one of the more traditional emails that attempts to just ask the customer how they are doing. It can be in the form or a promotion or information. However, the trick is to be as genuine as possible with the way that you do it.

Nobody likes an over promoter if you ask us.

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Testimonials and Reviews from Real People

We have all heard about shopping cart reminder emails if you have an eCommerce brand and how great they convert as long as there is an offer attached to them. However, did you know that adding a simple testimonial can do wonders for your brand?

We all look at the comments and reviews section whenever we purchase anything on Amazon, so what’s stopping us from showing what other people are saying about our own products and services?

The great thing about this method of lead nurturing is that it allows your customers to check out what other people are really saying about your product or service. Humans like to be relatable and they like relating to people, too. Doing this takes advantage of this sociological phenomenon.


Visually Appealing Emails

Sometimes you don’t have to even say much as long as your lead nurturing email is visually appealing. Forego the text in favor of infographics! Why don’t you skip the dialogue and stick in a video? There are a lot of ways for you to avoid text and at the end of the day, many people do not really have the patience to read.

Attract them with a captivating image that will really stimulate their interest! However, do not forget to make sure that you have a call-to-action that is ready to capture the sale.


Other Important Tips


  • Know your audience, you do not want to send extremely visually appealing images to potential clients of a demographic that doesn’t expect that.
  • Personalize. Personalize. Personalize. Nobody likes a generic email that makes it seem like you’re just trying to take advantage of your mailing list.
  • Schedule your email campaigns for lead nurturing. The first two emails can be sent one after the other within a week, but you do not want to send too many emails. It’s easy to annoy your end user, so make sure you avoid that.
  • Keep your emails short and focus on images. Nobody really likes to read long bodies of text, especially in the mornings when they check their mail.

As you can see, sending the correct emails makes sure that the leads that you have are well maintained. Do not be apprehensive when you get personal, everybody likes getting customized services. It will certainly help you in the long run!

Lead generation and nurturing don’t have to be too hard. Remember that!


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