How to Get rid of Dead Leads on Your Database?

Singapore Get rid of Dead Leads on Your Database

Businesses nowadays don’t settle for less – any idea deemed to improve business processes and increase customer acquisition is always worth a discussion.  

Recently, the Singapore  government announced to regulate licensing and registrations of private-hire cars like Uber and Grab to get rid of illegal operators and under-skilled drivers. These online taxi app services are getting a database cleanup!

But why the need for a database cleanup?

Simply put, a business can confidently claim success when ROI is consistently good, and ROI flows in when there’s enough or more legit customers buying your product or service, otherwise there wouldn’t be any business at all.

The bottom line is, a business should keep its database in best health by getting rid of dead leads or zombie leads (as ThinkAdvisor calls them) in order to optimize time and effort on highly converting leads.

In the B2B world, data fastly changes as people move in and out of one firm or post to another which makes the chances of getting obsolete contact information at all time high. So a regular list and database cleanup is advised in order to keep an accurate and well-managed database.  


Check out some database cleanup services that can help:

Tech Target defines this as a process of removing data that is incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted, or duplicated. A data scrubbing tool  is used to systematically examine data for flaws by using rules, algorithms, and look-up tables. This program is capable of correcting a number of specific types of mistakes such as adding missing zip codes .This can save a database administrator a significant amount of time and can be less costly than fixing errors manually.


This is a process in which data is checked for accuracy and inconsistencies. This will help determine if the data was accurately transferred from one resource to another like dataminer to crm.


Webopedia defines it as a technique for reducing the amount of storage space an organization needs to save its data. Deduplication eliminates extra copies of data by saving only one copy and replacing others with pointers that lead back to the original copy. Mostly used by companies for backup and disaster recovery applications, but also used to free up space in primary storage.


This is an automated process that runs through a system to create, retrieve, update and manage data. TechTarget says, DBMS serves as an interface between the database and end users or application programs, ensuring that data is consistently organized and remains easily accessible.

The data, the engine, and the database schema are three important things that a DBMS manages to provide concurrency, security and data integrity.

Tip: Get rid of dead leads in your database by getting a database cleanup via the four services. An accurate, well-managed and much targeted customer database is the best resource of highly converting sales leads and is the life of a successful business.


A bus ride is an easy and comfortable way of commuting but shifting to a much trendier habit of getting online chauffeur services with a managed pool of operators and well-profiled drivers might just be a good idea…what do you think?


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