How Prospects Really Want You to Follow Up

How Prospects Really Want You to Follow Up

“I’m talking to someone else now, can you call me some other days?” – When you call a prospect unscheduled.

“You called me yesterday, didn’t you?” – When you made several consecutive daily follow up calls.

Toot-toot-toot (busy tone…) – The worse scenario when a prospect gets tired and simply pretends to be jammed with client calls.

Well actually, making follow up calls is part and parcel of a whole business process but How and When you do follow calls to your prospects are discerning. These questions will define the totality of the execution of the call which comprises both psychological and physical conditioning of the caller, thus affecting the prospect and translated through the call result. So if you want to make the perfect follow up call, be at your best (in all aspects) before you click open your For Follow Up database.

Remember two things (yes only two):

Put On Your Buyer’s Hat

As sales strategist Jill Konrath suggests in his article How Prospects Really Want You To Follow-U:.

Shun apprehension.Don’t hold back negative thoughts like “prospect might think or respond otherwise”. What you perceive towards your prospect will most likely translate on how you will handle the call which will impact the quality and result.

Instead, think as if you were the prospect and that your business needs an upgrade, new tools, and advanced processes, thus this tactic will help you craft the best approach that would give your prospect the idea how YOU could help him.

As Jill Konrath suggests: “This is not about you, this is about helping a potential customer address their challenges and achieve their objectives. You need to focus on them, not you. Don’t wait for them to come begging for your services. Help them. Show them the next steps. Now”.  

But make sure you are not being too pushy. Actively listen to what your prospect is saying and taking note of the important points of the conversation to keep track both of yours and his time.

Get some tips with our calling guides:

Keep yourself armed with Tips and Tools

Being tenured and accomplished in the job should not stop you from evolving. The standard processes you have been doing for a period of time may be taken to the next higher level by maximizing new tactics and tools.

Calling tactics have become somewhat more like a business-casual conversation as new technologies like social networking sites, mobile accessibility and interactive trade fairs provide you with wider avenues to get to know your prospect better, engage with them and come in their circles. Here’s How to identify if prospect is worth pursuing?

The old school manual dial and filtering of databases to call your for follow up contacts are now done via automation, and all you do is click a button on your CRM to reach the right prospect with the right message at the right time. Learn more about Marketing automation and Lead Nurture Tool.

Prospects who agreed to be called back are definitely looking for better deals for their business, scouting for new and advanced processes and tools to upgrade and expand their business.

And yes, they may have the need but aren’t deciding on anything yet, taking the proper timing. So keep this thought to hold you on steady momentum “maybe not today but soon they will’ –  and that’s just as how they would want you to follow up.



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