Hold the Phone! Why Cold Calling Still Matters

Hold the Phone! Why Cold Calling Still Matters

Businesses now are adapting to new technology at a rapid rate. Any entrepreneur will tell you how much he uses social media and email to seek out new customers. And this is because of the obvious reason that such modern tools provide a business of any kind an advantage to reach out to as many prospects as possible.

There really is no doubting the sheer power that modern technology provides B2B companies. Stats from the Weidert Group shows that at least 70% of B2B marketers spend an ample amount of time using Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

Around 80% of B2B marketers meanwhile have defined social media strategies, owing to the fact that prospects also consume content via social networking services.

For B2C companies on the other hand, social media adoption is even more popular as major B2C brands promote their services and products through sites like YouTube and Facebook.

With these figures in mind, there is no contesting the fact that adoption of digital marketing platforms will continue to rise alongside global mobile penetration rates. This will eventually pave the way to even more advanced means for acquiring qualified leads.

This situation should also make us wonder: What will ever happen to traditional marketing, in this case cold calling?

Apparently, a lot of marketers are asking about what would happen to telemarketing as a whole once everybody is hooked to the internet. But before we can ring the funeral bells for cold-calling, it is important to point out that the practice can still deliver significant results to businesses.

Like it or not, B2B and B2C telemarketing is here to stay, and it still enjoys mass appeal among businesses seeking to grow their sales and build strong ties with their audiences. The reason for this is that cold calling humanizes the lead generation process by engaging prospects on a more direct and intimate level.

Because of this, Maximizer CRM was able to find out that phone calls are 10 times more likely to result in purchases.

These might sound too general, but there really is more to cold calling than meets the eye. Take a look at these reasons and see if you can still believe that telephones have become irrelevant.

First impressions matter

You cannot always assume that a prospect already knows a lot about you just by reading a single article in your blog. At most cases, they need more than just literature in order to get a fill on what you are capable of doing.

Telemarketing takes an even more important role in this as it enables you to create instant messages and answers to inquiries. The directness that defines cold calling makes it easier to keep a prospect interested since a call also takes into account participation from the prospect’s end. In this way, we can see a stark difference between browsing digital content and actually talking to a company rep. The former relies heavily on presentation, while the latter deals with the specific talking points you need to use in order to make a good impression. But when it comes down to capturing a prospect’s attention, cold calls are absolutely the most effective along these lines.

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Stirring prospects’ curiosity

The initial contact establishes awareness. And awareness usually leads to interest.

Therefore, cold calling provides prospects with reasons to keep accepting your calls and engage with you on a deeper level. This obviously depends on how you were able to introduce your brand; but as long as you were able to hit the right notes with your messages over the phone, it wouldn’t be much of a problem keeping them interested in you.

The moment you end the call, you should expect the prospect to want to know more about you. After all, the initial call didn’t delve too much on the juicier stuff that your company is offering. And this is fine because by then, the prospect will be more than willing to dig deeper and see for himself if you are truly capable of providing surefire solutions.

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Personalization and voice communication

Sure, we can always consider creating customized email messages we can send to individual prospects. But just like browsing digital content, getting e-newsletters and other email marketing content still suffers from the same deficiency in human interactions.

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When it comes right down to personalization, it is highly important to have a marketing rep at the ready to talk with the prospect and learn as much as he or she can about the prospect’s actual needs.


When promoting or selling a product, nobody wants to talk to a machine. They want to talk to someone who has the right expertise and who can communicate in a more interpersonal level.



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