Good Sources of Qualified Appointments in Singapore

Good Sources of Qualified Appointments in Singapore

Here’s a fact: in Singapore, the B2B or business-to-business industry is cutthroat. It seems every other business operating these days is involved in B2B sales one way or another, making the landscape rife with competition and uncertainties. Well, if you were a B2B marketer, you’ll most likely feel ambiguous, too. You’d start second-guessing your efforts, wondering if you’re keeping up with trends that evolve at a rapid pace because you know how much these would play into your business.

A limited in-house sales team could only serve to heighten the conundrum. How so? You are aware and acknowledge the fact that the success of your business depends on the performance of your sales team.

Nevertheless, how can you keep abreast with the competition with a handful of personnel expected to operate at peak efficiency? Hiring more people would mean additional financial burden, and at this point in time, it’s something you can’t accommodate.

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What do you do?

Giving B2B Appointment Setting a Try

With a limited sales force, your wisest course of action is to look for an appointment-setting partner. You may outsource for this position or you may choose to hire one qualified appointment setter to get the job done for you. What can B2B appointment setting do for you? Here’s a list of  benefits you can get in a successful outsourced appointment setting campaign.

It gives your business a valuable edge in closing sales. In what way? When you have a specific person doing the appointment setting, your sales team can focus more on closing deals than finding them. On the other hand, the prospect of finding more leads becomes higher, given that your appointment setter has only thing to focus on – lead generation.

Good Sources of Leads

Now let’s say you have a two-man B2B appointment setting team. How can you ensure they get warm leads to bolster your business?

Truth be told, B2B appointment setting is no walk in the park. Just think; your appointment setters “go out” there to represent your business to hundreds of customers week after week. It’s a dog-eat-dog world where your appointment setters dare travel day in and day out.

It’s a tough job, as it involves more than just sitting there with a phone book and sorting through prospects randomly.If that’s your game plan, you’re headed to the ditch. Cold calling is so old school, and the possibility of getting business prospects is slim to nil.

Hence, it’s also about leaving impressive voicemail that would make prospects call back or writing an enthralling B2B appointment script that would stir their interest. Or the least you can do for your appointment setters is provide them with warm leads.

Look at it this way: you give your B2B appointment setting team a list of people and businesses to call and they sort through the list to make calls after calls while you focus your efforts on the sales aspect of the business. It’s a win-win situation.


Now the question is where should you look for qualified appointments?


Before you start looking somewhere else, you might want to start sifting through your sales funnel. You might not know it, but leads may already be available there. Here are a few possible sources:

Unclosed deals

Go through old list. It’s possible that there are prospective deals that your sales team wasn’t able to close. Moreover, some leads could be open-ended. Remember, circumstances change. Have your appointment setters contact and revive those deals.

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Organization members

The B2B industry may be competitive, but marketers still stand united one way or another. There are plenty of membership organizations in the industry. You can find qualified appointments by sifting through the organizations and getting a hold of members who are likely prospects.

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People who know about your company

In your line of business, sending email marketing campaigns and newsletters is imperative. More often than not, you use email marketing software that can track the number of clicks (times when your email campaigns were opened or possibly read). You can refer to this dataset to look for prospects who now have an idea what your business is about.


Social media followers

You or your social media manager (if you have one) can pull up a list of prospects based on your company’s social media followers. It’s a tedious task, having to look up the contact details of each prospect, but eventually, your efforts will be worth it.

Use those four sources of qualified appointments to help your B2B appointment setters generate leads for your business and watch your ROI shoot up.

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