Where to Find Expert Appointment Setters in Singapore?

Where to Find Expert Appointment Setters in Singapore?

The past few years we saw the rising demand for two business related tasks – lead generation and appointment setting.

These are entirely different processes but are connected at the hip, so to speak. Lead generation refers to the process of finding people (leads) who might be interested in the product or service that a business offers or those who can make purchase decisions for a company. On the other hand, appointment setting refers to the process of contacting those leads to generate appointments.

Sounds simple, right? Well, not really.

A Closer Look at Appointment Setting

Calling leads over the phone and asking them for an appointment looks to be as easy as 1-2-3. Nevertheless, appointment setting in Singapore is considered one of the most difficult and crucial parts of business development. As a decision maker for your business, you can’t just hire the next person who shows potential in the art of phone conversation.

Instead, you need one of the best appointment setters, particularly someone who can help grow your company through increased sales. An expert appointment setter can set the tone for your business and offer a prospect a first impression of your business. That initial conversation between the prospect and your appointment setter can make or break a deal for your business, which is why appointment setting is a serious matter.

Appointment setting involves:

  • Contacting potential clients
  • Introducing the company and discussing its products or services
  • Data entry
  • Record-keeping
  • Proper phone etiquette
  • Dedication

The best appointment setters should know the company they work for inside and out, including each product or service it offers, so they can expertly handle each phone call with ease and accuracy.

Why Should You Outsource Appointment Setting?

Most companies all over the world have discovered that it’s more efficient to outsource appointment setting rather than have their sales teams juggle the task of both closing sales and making calls. There are actually three succinct reasons why appointment setting in Singapore is outsourced:

  1. It’s time efficient on the part of your sales team. By not having to worry about making phone calls, your sales team can focus on closing sales and devising strategies to rake in more sales for your business.
  2. It is more cost efficient since you no longer have to hire a manager specifically for the task of overseeing the appointment setters. When you outsource appointment setting, you take the burden of managing the appointment setters off your shoulder.
  3. Outsourcing appointment setting often produces better results since the people who handle it have undergone extensive training. They know what they’re supposed to do and how to do it effectively; thus, they can provide you with results that are more accurate regularly.


Here’s to a more detailed answer:


Where to Find Expert Appointment Setters

The best appointment setters usually display five distinct qualities that make them a cut above the rest. These qualities are: having an assertive attitude, self-awareness, empathy, ability to solve problems and a positive attitude.

#1: Appointment Setting Company

If you have a business in Singapore that needs the best appointment setters, it would be a good idea to look into some companies that offer appointment-setting services. There is quite a few, and reading into the company profiles could give you an idea of how well they handle appointment setting in Singapore.

It will be better to review their past campaigns.

Here are some example from Callbox Singapore Case Studies:

Software Products


Keep in mind that these companies offering such services are required to provide you targeted appointments, which means the prospects they will contact would have to be within the country, better if within the immediate scope of your business, and in dire need of the products/services you offer, as this would score a definite deal for you.


#2: Search the Internet

The best way to find expert appointment setters in Singapore is to search the Internet. You need just type “best appointment setters”  or “appointment setting services” in your favorite search engine, and within seconds, a list of top-ranked appointment-setting services will come up.

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Nevertheless, to help you find the best when it comes to appointment setting in Singapore, make sure the company you hook up can boast of the following:

  • Years of experience in appointment setting
  • Ability to combine various marketing channels for more effective results
  • Call center infrastructures and technology
  • Guaranteed quality customer service
  • Campaigns tailored to your requirements
  • Expert appointment setters
  • Wide range of target industries
  • 24/7 operations
  • Data profiling and verification services


Finding the right company could be challenging, but if you keep in mind the simple tips outline here, you’ll find the best appointment setters in no time.


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