Multi-Channel Marketing

Proper Demand Generation for Proper B2B Results

Proper Demand Generation for Proper B2B Results

One of many challenges facing B2B companies today is increasing brand exposure. This comes as a wide variety of online lead generation tools are made available. Marketing expenditures in the industry are also set to increase relative to increasing competition. In demand generation, companies need to provide cost-efficient and effective strategies. The practice mainly involves broadcasting one’s identity towards one’s…

Social Media in Singapore- Have you Joined the Bandwagon-

Social Media in Singapore: Have you Joined the Bandwagon?

There’s no question about Singapore’s reputation as a high opportunity business hub. Being one of the most technologically advanced countries in Asia, it boasts of an internet connectivity rate of 99%, with nearly 74% of the island-nation’s citizens using social media on a regular basis, not excluding the managers of top performing companies. It is then easy to point out…