Appointment Setter Skills that Will Help you Close more Sales

How Do Appointment Setters Lessen Sales Reps’ Burden?

How do ants find food?

Did you know that ants have genes that make about 400 distinct odorant receptors (about four to five times more odor receptors than most other insects) and special proteins that detect different odors? That’s according to a research by Lawrence Zwiebel and his team at Vanderbilt University.

Ants also have the ability to form highly organized colonies with division of labor: scout ants go out to find food using their antennae, and march back to the colony with food samples for other ants to analyse. They all take the trail back set by the scout ants to help in the food collection – an information dissemination process permeated via chemical scents called pheromones.

The hectic food hunting activity is done not just to store food in prep for the formidable winter season but also to feed the queen ant who is tasked to lay eggs and nurture baby ants until they become reliable armies of the colony.


Appointment setters are like scout ants to queen ant-like sales reps, aren’t they?

They weren’t merely  trained just to pass leads or set appointments, instead they were honed to possess tip-top knowledge and skills and attitude that are most critical in business development – to set qualified appointments.

Below are skills and characters that appointment setters should posses that would lessen the burden of sales reps in finding qualified prospects to speak with:

#1: Appointment setters should be able to identify the most qualified candidate/prospect for the business and not just mere interested ones – especially during the first call.

By being able to pre-qualify a prospect during the initial call, sales reps are assured to get quality leads that are worth nurturing throughout the sales process. Through this, more quality DM conversations will be made and time is maximized.

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According to Life, even ants have analytical skills of which food are good for them or not. Cucumber is one of those they hate the most.


#2: Must have an if-you-don’t-buy-from-me-it’s-not-the-end-of-the-world attitude (Forbes), persistent to achieve daily and long term goals both for himself, for the sales rep and overall, the business.

It’s best to grab all the chances that an agent can get while ”yeses” pour to keep himself from starving for leads during bad days. This ensures productivity as it will keep the sales rep’s calendar full of solid and qualified appointments for the whole campaign period. Here’s where to get qualified appointments in Singapore.

Food hunting is a daily routine for ants. They never stop storing food that will suffice the long period of hibernation during winter time, where they stay in and wait for the next best, safe day for the activity.


#3: An appointment setter must know how to value teamwork and considerate of others. Communication is the key in attaining these.

Add to that some active listening skills not only to prospects you speak with over the phone but also to the people you work with. You may well generate high qualified leads but be aware as well of deadlines, quotas and key performance indicators required of you and your sales representative. You and your sales rep must have a sense of voluntarism in complying individual  tasks to achieve blue chip results through collaborated team effort. Appointment setters must have these important skills.

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Ants are one of the most workaholic animals in the planet, says These ecosystem engineers are well aware of their defined role and responsibility. Despite their size, they manage to build and grow a steady and strong colony.


Ants-like skills and characters like identifying the most qualified prospect, being persistent to achieve daily and long term goals and activating a pheromones-like sense of communication process between you and your sales rep are keys to achieve successful appointment setting goals.

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