3 Types of Singapore Prospects: Who to contact first?

3 Types of Prospects: Who to contact first?

Lead generation campaign – whether an appointment setting through calling or email is a good way to attract good prospects. In lead generation, you don’t just look for potential buyers or customers but you create a sense of urgency or a “do it now” reaction from your prospects.

That’s why It is always best to understand the different types of prospects and which stage of their buying process they are currently on to know what approach to use when dealing with them.

How to do this? Lead Scoring.

Lead scoring is used by many sales and marketing teams to identify whether a lead is qualified or not. It can rank prospects and determine which ones are ready to convert to know who to contact first.

How to use lead scoring for your advantage?

Step #1: Create a criteria. For example, your want customers that are at least 18 years old, with Facebook/Twitter account living within Singapore.

Step #2: Identify the characteristic of your customers. Who are your typical customers?

Step #3: Who is your ideal customer. For example: C-level executives with a buying timeframe of 3-6 months and with S$50,000 budget.

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Step #4: Customer behavior. For example; email opens, email replies, request to contact, requesting for a demo, etc.

Step #5: Separate the leads and prioritize who to contact first.

Using your lead scores, you can now identify your prospects. Here are the 3 types of prospects.

1) Hot prospects.

There prospects are qualified and are ready and willing to buy. They should be on the top of your priority list and should be contacted first.

Qualities of a hot prospect:

  • They respond immediately and if they say, “Yes!”.  
  • They reply in an email requesting for a quote.

What do they usually say:

  • “Yes. I’m interested.”
  • “Yes. Can you have your Consultant give me a call?”
  • “How much does it cost?”
  • “Can you give me a quote?”

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2) Warm prospects.

These prospects are exploring and are willing to know more about what you offer.

Qualities of a warm prospect:

  • They don’t say yes but they are willing to listen.
  • They ask about your products and service

What do they usually say:

  • “Can you tell me more about what you can offer?”
  • “Sure. You can have someone give me a call.”
  • “We’re using proprietary software. What can your software do?”

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3) Cold prospects.

You might identify them as warm prospects based on their responses and would think that they are interested. But the truth is, the opportunity is very small and their buying journey is longer, it may take years before they decide.

Qualities of a cold prospect:

  • They would ask or agree to receive information to their email.
  • They are willing to listen to what you can offer.

What do they usually say:

  • “Can you tell me more about what you can offer?”
  • “Can you send me an email about your company and the services that you offer?”
  • When asked if you can have someone give him a call, he would say, “Not right now. Just send me information first.”

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You want these 3 prospects in your sales pipeline. But the HOT and the WARM prospects are definitely a “keeper”. However, don’t underestimate and remove COLD prospects in your sales pipeline, despite its low in opportunity, they can be considered a good prospect sooner than you think.

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Good lead generation campaign attracts good prospect. The next time, you’ve encountered these prospects, you know who to contact first.  



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