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Why Callbox Appointment Setting?


Our appointment setting process is a product of our extensive research about what works and what does not in view of contemporary marketing landscapes. We have a well-maintained calling list comprising over 20 million contacts (potential clients) worldwide. Quite simply, we call them, qualify them against your criteria, and set up sales appointments for you.

Sounds too conventional? Here’s why it works for our clients all the time:


  • Over nine year’s experience in B2B appointment setting
  • Multi-channel approach combining email and telemarketing channels
  • High-end technology and call center infrastructures
  • Guaranteed quality customer experience at global delivery centers
  • Customized campaigns tailored to your unique requirements
  • 24/7 live operation
  • Highly-skilled B2B appointment setters
  • Wide range of target industries: Software, IT, Finance, Advertising, Merchant, Commercial Cleaning, Education and Training, Healthcare, and others


We also understand that a high quality database is fundamental to any successful marketing activity. That is why we offer data profiling and data verification services aimed at keeping your database pristine and well-maintained.

Take the stress out of growing your business in Singapore. Call us today and we’ll show you how.